As someone who has never been able to sit still for long, I have always felt more comfortable being out-of-doors. The camera, a Paxette Pronto, my father gave to me in junior high school was just the ticket to focus my hyper energy. Photography clicked immediately. Impatiently waiting for the small yellow Kodak slide box to arrive, with the hope that the cover of National Geographic was inside, was like waiting for Christmas morning presents. The mystery of surprise is still with me six decades later.

The fun is in breaking the rules; experimenting with the camera in ways I know nothing about or have not dared before. The expectancy of discovering something rarely seen is like a non-stop playground of adventure. My hope is that by sharing how I experience the world, people will go inside themselves to explore a different dimension than they normally experience. I believe that every time I push the shutter, I am capturing a glimpse of who I am. Henry David Thoreau said it well, "We are as much as we see."